MSE 110 "Solid State Chemistry"

The is an introductory course for undergraduate students to the field of Materials Science and Engineering, which teaches the fundamentals of materials properties from the electron->atom-> molecule->crystal->macroscale.  We emphasize fundamental principles of the chemistry of condensed states of matter including metals, polymers, molecular solids, and ceramics.   Introductory examples into emerging frontiers in materials science are also considered.  The connection between fundamental concepts and functionality is stressed to provide the student with context for both the basic and the applied.


MSE 415 "Transport Phenomena and Kinetics in Materials Processing"

Fundamental principles of diffusive transport phenomena based on a unified treatment of momentum, energy, mass and charge and a balance equation approach.  Class time is a combination of lecture and practice problem sets.   Students will present a final project on a technology of their choice.  Expectations include literature reviews of state of the art materials, descriptions of the fundamental materials properties that control the transport phenomena, and numerical approximation simulations of the transient and steady state behaviors of the system.  

Introduction to transport:  Super hero practice problems.pdf


MSE 430/530 "Organic Electronic Materials and Devices"

Fundamental relationships between molecular structure and optical, electronic, and transport properties of organic semiconductors, with a focus on changes in properties from single molecules to aggregates to bulk solids. Emphasis will also be given to interfaces and experimental characterization strategies. Material characteristics will be studied in the context of devices where organic materials show promising performance: transistors, displays/lighting, photovoltaics, energy storage, and bioelectronics/sensor applications.